About Us

At the Iruka Capital Group, we work with hundreds of small businesses all over the United States across multiple industries, helping them achieve long term success by giving them fast access to a generous line of credit, based solely on your future receivables.
We are the private funders small business owners turn to when they are looking to grow. Connecting merchants looking for working capital alternatives with the funding they need to expand their businesses.
Small and medium-sized business owners will find our unsecured cash advance program simple to set up, with our cash advance consultants always on call to serve the client’s needs. With easy requirements to fulfill, a quick window for approval and funding of up to $2-3 Million, businesses can immediately receive their working capital in as short as 48 hours.

How It Works

Pay Back When You Sell

Iruka Capital provides you with a business loan alternative.

  • With Iruka Capital you can get working capital for your business based on your sales history. There are no interest charges or penalty fees, you simply remit back based on a fixed percentage.
  • Remittance is a percentage of your credit card sales or a set daily balance based on your future sales.
  • Daily balance charges are only done on business days, Monday through Friday.
  • Credit Card Payments are made only if you have sales. If you don’t sell, we don’t charge.
  • Refinancing options are available to extended your loan or increase your loan amount

Iruka Capital understands that in today’s economy it is becoming almost impossible for small businesses to get loans from banks, even financially strong businesses are having credit lines restricted. Iruka Capital provides alternatives to traditional bank loans with a Merchant Cash Advance. Get a Merchant Cash Advance with our easy online application and funding process with minimal paperwork and dedicated to making the funding process as fast as possible.

The Process

Apply Online

Complete our fast and easy application online. The more information you can provide us with, the faster that we can fund you.

Get Approved

Our approval decision is based on the sales of your business. With a 90% approval rate, we look forward to funding your business.

Get Funded

Receive the funding your business needs and get the cash in your bank the same day!