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Don’t let your troubles today prevent your success tomorrow.

There’s nothing more frustrating than small obstacles getting in the way of big plans, and in the world of business, the issue of financing is an obstacle that many companies face.

At Iruka Capital, we believe that lack of money shouldn’t get in the way of your business making more. That’s why, whether you need better tools, new stock, or more staff, we offer business loans to hundreds of small businesses like yours across the United States. We help companies to achieve their goals and grow.

Give yourself more to work with…

Did you play with blocks as a child? Would you dream up impossible projects, knowing the only thing stopping you achieving such dizzying heights was the fact you didn’t have enough building blocks?

Running a business isn’t too different. Your expansion plans need more than just hard work to come to life — they need capital. A business loan will give you the building blocks you need to reach the heights you always knew you could.

Keep your friends close, and your financials closer…

Your friends and family are there for you to lean on in times of trouble, but the problem starts when they stop lending you an ear and start lending you money.

When you turn to your loved ones for financial help, they can often start to feel like you owe them more than just their money back. This might lead to awkwardness, arguments, and potentially sticky legal situations.

Business matters should stay professional. Work with professionals like Iruka Capital when you need a helping hand.

Independence is an essential…

You didn’t start your business because you wanted someone else to make the decisions for you. Turning to equity partners, venture capitalists, or angel investors might seem like the quickest way to get the credit you need, but you’ll sacrifice having total control of your business.

A business loan keeps you in the driving seat. You decide the best use for that capital, outside the influence of anyone else’s perceived notions of the direction your business should be taking.

Enjoy a smoother ride…

Try as you might, things don’t always go to plan. In some businesses, profits can be seasonal, and a healthy-looking projected profit in Q4 doesn’t mean much when there are bills and staff to pay now.

A business loan can provide you with the working capital you need to smooth out the bumps in the road, bringing a little reassurance and security to your financial day-to-day.

Business loans are tools that clear the way for you to pursue your business goals without having to worry about limited resources. They are arguably the best way to raise the capital you need to run and grow your business. If used correctly, business loans can help take your business to the next level and set you up for future success without future complications.

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