What can Iruka Capital do for my small business?
We offer you a solution for the working capital needs of your small business that is not a bank loan or small business loan, so you are more likely to be approved.

How does a Business Cash Advance work?
Iruka Capital purchases a percentage of your future sales transactions and provides funds to you today. Price’s share of purchased receivables is remitted by having an agreed upon amount of your daily bank deposits debited from your bank account via ACH daily or by having a set percentage of your merchant account settlements paid to Iruka Capital and the remainder passed through to your usual account.

What are the minimum requirements to qualify for an unsecured business cash advance or merchant cash advance?
Must have a minimum of $10,000 per month in bank deposits or credit card processing from sales activity.

How much can I qualify for?
Your monthly receivables deposit volume is the primary factor in determining how much you will qualify you for.

What can the Cash Advance funding be used for?
There are absolutely no restrictions on what you can do with the cash advance. It can be used for working capital, payroll, expansion, remodeling, and stocking up on inventory. ​

I currently have an advance with another financing company; can you still get me approved?
Yes. We generally offer larger cash advances than our competitors, and can even consolidate and pay off your existing advance.

Is this a bank loan?
This is not a bank loan. Our program purchases a specific dollar amount of your future sales revenues and we provide money that you can use now.

Why do you need to see my financial information?
Just as with any financial transaction we have to have some basis for determining whether or not providing an advance to a specific business is a sound financial decision. Therefore it is necessary that we request some of your financial information in order to make that determination.

If I have bad credit can I still get approved for funding?
Yes, since ​the funding is based on future sales, your bad credit will not affect your approval.

Why should I choose Iruka Capital?
Iruka has earned its reputation ​a leading provider for short term business funding, by working wit many reputable partners and a history of very satisfied clients.